Spirit of Texoma Award

 A CANCER DIAGNOSIS IS DEVASTATING... BUT HAVING SOMEONE THERE DURING THE FIGHT CAN MAKE THE BATTLE A LITTLE EASIER. THIS MONTH'S SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD WINNERS DO WHAT THEY CAN TO PROVIDE A SMOOTH RIDE ON THAT LONG ROAD TO RECOVERY. WHEN HAROLD AND MARGARET ADAMS SAW THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY NEEDED DRIVERS FOR THEIR ROAD TO RECOVERY PROGRAM THEY GOT IN MOTION AND JUMPED BEHIND THE WHEEL. I feel it is a calling that I've been blessed with, these people are really in desperate need of help and I feel like if it wasn't for people who take the time out of their busy lives to volunteer to help people, some of these people may pass away too early in life, because they don't have someone who cares enough to help them and that is what it's all about. Sometimes the what they are going through it weakens them so they may could drive there, but they couldn't drive home because they are feeling sick or something, so really it is a very worthy thing to help these others. FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS THE ADAMS HAVE ROLLED RIGHT ALONG GETTING CANCER PATIENTS TO AND FROM APPOINTMENTS AND TREATMENTS... THEY HAD NO IDEA ALONG THE WAY THEIR OWN DAUGHTER'S PATH WOULD CROSS WITH A CANCER DIAGNOSIS. It was devastating to me, my first reaction was well let's go to Dallas and I will give you one of my eyes, and that's how I actually felt about it When my daughter come down with it, ocular melanoma it was just really a shock because I mean it was just so fast then of course they took it out fast and everything worked so fast. Having it happen in our own family so suddenly it just, you never know what's lurking around the corner and you've got it, it just draws you to know these people really need you, cause they need transportation. FOLKS WHO TRAVEL WITH THE ADAMS GET MORE THAN JUST A RIDE... THEY OFTEN HEAR FROM HAROLD. I get close to some of these patients and I just like to keep checks on them to see how they are doing, make sure everything is okay with them, let them know someone is still thinking about them. It means a lot to them and they definately need help and we could use more drivers and we would love to have people just volunteer because it is an awesome thing to do. AFTER LOGGING 14-THOUSAND MILES...THE ADAMS PLAN TO CONTINUE CRUISING PATIENTS DOWN THE ROAD TO RECOVERY FOR YEARS TO COME. I pray every night that the Lord gives me the ability and health that I can do this until he calls me. THAT DRIVE TO HELP OTHERS...TRULY THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET INVOLVED WITH ROAD TO RECOVERY PROGRAM CALL THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY AT 691-2482.... THEY DO HAVE A REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM IN PLACE FOR DRIVERS. KELL WEST REGIONAL HOSPITAL CONGRATULATES THE ADAMS... AND IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO TRULY POSSESSES THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA LOG ONTO OUR WEBSITE TEXOMAS HOMEPAGE DOT COM TO NOMINATE THEM NOW.

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