Spirit of Texoma Award

ITS TIME ONCE AGAIN TO HONOR THIS MONTHS SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD WINNER. SINCE IT REALLY RUFFLES HER FEATHERS TO KNOW ANYTHING OR ANYONE IS IN NEED... REGARDLESS OF WHAT TYPE OF CREATURE IT MAY BE CHERYL RIECKER MAKES SURE THEY ARE TAKEN CARE OF... A GREAT EXAMPLE OF THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA. THIS MAY NOT SEEM LIKE A VERY BIRD FRIENDLY HOME WITH ALL OF THESE FURRY FELINES LYING AROUND, BUT IF THERES A FEATHERY FRIEND IN NEED CHERYL RIECKER IS THERE INDEED. SHE ONCE RESCUED A DUCKLING FROM A DANGEROUS SITUATION. That was probably the hardest rescue because I had to climb down that big steep embankment to get to it and I am assuming Mama had other ducklings and several of them had not made the fall and only one did so I was actually able to save one out of the drainage, because there was no way that little duckling was going to be able to get out. NO MATTER WHAT PREDICAMENT ANIMALS HAVE CRAWLED INTO CHERYL COMES TO THE RESCUE. SHE TAKES MANY BABY BIRDS UNDER HER WING... AND FOR SOME A SOFT PLACE TO SLEEP AND A GOOD WARM MEAL IS IN ORDER... BEFORE SHE CALLS ON THE FOLKS AT THE WILD BIRD SANCTUARY. THIS CARING, NUTURING SPIRIT IS SOMETHING CHERYL IS TEACHING HER OWN FLOCK. Its kind of good to instill stuff like that inside my children to rescue to save to be there for something that is in need of help. NOT ONLY DO HER KIDS SERVE AS HER SCOUTS FOR THOSE IN NEED... BUT HER OLDEST DAUGHTER KEELY, WHO WOULD SOMEDAY LIKE TO BE A VETERNARIAN, IS NOT AFRAID TO FLY INTO ACTION. I was walking down this alley I had found a bird and I was riding my scooter so I just sat it on the scooter and brought it home, and I think that the one of the first birds we ever rescued. She said when she gets old enough she would like to do that she would like to go volunteer and help them because she has a passion for that too, which I am glad for. THIS IS AN EASY HOME TO LEARN HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO HELP OTHERS. AFTER ALL THESE CATS WHO RULE THIS ROOST WERE HOMELESS BEFORE THEY MET THIS FAMILY... SO FROM FUR TO FEATHERS, CRITTERS OF ALL KINDS KNOW CHERYL TRULY HAS THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA. IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA YOU CAN NOMINATE THEM FOR THE AWARD BY GOING TO TEXOMAS HOMEPAGE DOT COM.

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