Spirit of Texoma Award

SOTAAWARD-LOPEZ2008-07-09-1215633536.jpgTIME ONCE AGAIN TO AWARD THIS MONTH'S "SPIRIT OF TEXOMA" AWARD...AND THIS MONTH WE RECOGNIZE THE COMMUNITY WORK OF JACK LOPEZ. MR. LOPEZ BROUGHT THE "CELEBRATE RECOVERY" PROGRAM TO WICHITA FALLS. IT'S A FAITH BASED PROGRAM THAT ALLOWS FOLKS TO CELEBRATE FREEDOM FROM LIFES HURTS, HABITS AND HANG UPS IN OVER 10-000 CHURCHES NATIONWIDE. FOR HIS INVOLVEMENT IN BRINGING THE PROGRAM TO TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH WE AWARD JACK LOPEZ WITH THIS MONTH'S SPIRIT OF TEXOMA AWARD. BACK IN OCTOBER JACK LOPEZ SAW A NEED FOR PEOPLE IN WICHITA FALLS TO COME TOGETHER TO GROW THROUGH LIFE'S SOMETIMES PAINFUL CHALLENGES... AND JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO CELEBRATE RECOVERY MEETINGS STARTED. They come in they got this withdrawn, they are very sad thing and when they leave here they is laughter, there's joking, there's peace, love, joy, serenity, all of those things wrapped into one and it seems like people are responding to it very well. NOW AROUND 30 PEOPLE GATHER WEEKLY TO HELP EACH OTHER GET THROUGH LIFES STRUGGLES. FOLKS LIKE CRYSTAL ATEN AND BOBBY HILLIARD. I've have been a part of hurts, habits and hangups I've had the pain in my own personal testimony and I felt like it would help me grow, help nuture me and it would give me the opportunity to help others and nuture them. Anybody that's lived has hurts, habits and hangups as the program like to refer to them. If you are honest with yourself you know you have them, so you might as well deal with them. JACK KNOWS FIRST HAND WHAT IT'S LIKE TO DEAL WITH THEM. FOR A TIME HE STRUGGLED WITH ALCOHOL ADDITION... AND HIS WIFE DEELYNN WAS RIGHT THERE WITH HIM AND STILL REMAINS BY HIS SIDE AS THEY CONTINUE TO HELP OTHERS CELEBRATE RECOVERY. The passion he has for recovery, him going through it (cries) watching him get to reach out to people that he has been through the things that he is helping get them through, just to watch his passion and desire to help other people get to a place where he's at is just amazing. JACK HAS COME A LONG WAY SINCE THAT DAY... THIS WEEK MARKS SIX YEARS SINCE JACK SOBERED UP FOR GOOD. I'm a firm believer in the fact that if you bring your baggage from the past into your present, it will wreck your future, if you allow it, and hopefully with Celebrate Recovery you learn ways to grow past those things and there's a lot of healing done and it's amazing to watch. JACK HAS FAITH THAT IN YEARS TO COME THE PROGRAM WILL CONTINUE TO GROW STRONGER FOR THOSE WHO NEED THE STRENGTH. I know I have no doubt in my heart that we will continue to grow with new people and new faces because hurts, habits and hangups are still there and people are struggling with them. THOSE STRUGGLES ARE EXACTLY WHY JACK SAW THE NEED AND MADE THE PROGRAM HAPPEN... BECAUSE OF THAT DEDICATION JACK TRULY HAS THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA. CELEBRATE RECOVERY MEETINGS ARE HELD EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT AT 6:30 AT TRINITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH AT 5800 SOUTHWEST PARKWAY. IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CELEBRATE RECOVERY PROGRAM YOU CAN FIND INFORMATION ONLINE AT WWW.TRINITYWF.ORG OR GIVE THEM A CALL AT 692-9995. ALSO IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO HONOR WITH THE SPIRIT OF TEXOMA NOMINATE THEM NOW ON OUR WEBSITE TEXOMASHOMEPAGE.COM.

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