Students React to Elections Process

As the November election continues to draw closer, some students at MSU feel President Obama and Governor Romney are spending too much time attacking each other.

"Right now, I think they're focusing more on the defensive side," said Samantha Groves, an education major, "instead of what they can do or what they're going to do with their presidency."

Zach Zoet, a biology major, said, "[the campaigns are] characterized by a lot of caustic rhetoric, and not a lot of quantifiable metrics to back-up peoples statements on either side."

Many at MSU said it's not just the candidates who need to change their ways, but students as well.

Stephanie Brothers is a member of the University Democrats, and is involved with MSU's Registration Rush.

She said while signing students up to vote, she learned some surprising facts about her peers.

"I don't know how many students I've met that they really don't know the issues," explained Brothers, "and when you present them with the issues even for both sides, they really don't know what's going. It's really sad that they're relying only what they hear on-line or what they hear through word of mouth, rather than what they're hearing on the news outlets."

For those students taking an active approach to the political process, they said the issues affecting them are clear.

"We need to start getting things done in Congress," said Groves, "instead of just sitting around and splitting votes 50-50. We need to start focusing on the issues of Healthcare and education and things like that."

For those students taking a more laid-back approach to politics, Zach Zoet said its time to wake-up-and get involved.

"Young persons need to open their ears and get informed, because a lot of these things facing them are really important."


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