Tax Time!

'Tis the season, for taxes.

Even though people have until April 17th to file their taxes with Uncle Sam, that's not stopping some early birds from trying to cash in.

"The busiest [part] for us is the [people] who have large refunds coming back," said Gene Nadeau of Liberty Tax Service, "they file as soon as they have their W-2's available."

Nadeau said there are several changes this year when it comes to filing your taxes.

The "Making Work Pay" credit is no longer offered, the IRS is now mailing out returns on Wednesdays and not Fridays, but that's not all.

"The change I'm seeing around here is many employers are going to health savings accounts as a form of insurance," said Nadeau.

If your employer uses a health savings account, make sure you have the proper documentation before filing.

If filing your taxes seems confusing, here's some tips to help sort through it all.

First, make sure you have all your W-2's before filing.

"One of the disadvantages of filing early," explained Nadeau, "is you might get a W-2 after the fact and you'll have to amend your tax return which slows down the process."

Second, make sure you have proof showing you're eligible for the credits you're claiming. Nadeau said the IRS is cracking down on people filing false returns--

Lastly, file electronically. Nadeau said electronic returns are processed faster and cut down on mistakes, which means if you're getting a refund you'll get your money faster.

Another advantage to filing early, if you end up having to pay more taxes you'll have extra time to save.

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