Texas Attorney General Talks ObamaCare at KFDX

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is in Wichita Falls to speak at Saturday's M.S.U. graduation ceremony, but earlier Friday, he was at KFDX to talk about several topics.

One topic was ObamaCare.

Abbott was in the courtroom during the three days the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on ObamaCare.

He says the justices articulated the very argument that Texas has been making since he and 11 other state attorney generals filed a lawsuit.

"That is that the individual mandate of Obama Care is unprecedented in American history. It changes the relationship between government and individuals and now compels all Americans to go out and purchase a product and if this law is upheld there will be virtually no limits to what congress can force Americans to purchase which is completely unconstitutional," Abbott says.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to render its decision on ObamaCare sometime in June.

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