Texoma Cleans Up After the Storm

    Winds gusting at a reported 60 miles per hour came barreling through Texoma  leaving a trail of destruction behind. At Kiwanis Park, people are allowed to drop off all those branches and limbs that fell last night. Wichita Falls has set up a designated area since the transfer station is closed, but they want to remind folks that this area is only for brush and tree limbs.
    Howling winds ripping through parts of Texoma leaving behind a mess of debris and tree limbs.
     "Didn't think anything of it. But then I looked out the dining room right there and I saw part of the tree laying there and couldn't figure out what happened," said homeowner Jimmy Musick.
    Musick says luckily the large branch didn't cause any damage. But he thinks it may have been a bit of divine intervention.
    I'd talked about getting rid of it but I didn't know the good Lord would blow it down for me. He should have gotten the rest of it," said Musick.
    But for others, like Michael Mitchell, this storm provided a financial opportunity. Mitchell and a friend offered to help clean up debris for a low price.
    "He said he was going to get a tree service out there and he said it was going to cost $350. I told him just i'll give it to you for $100. Just do it cheap," said Mitchell.
    The city wants to stress that there will be no curbside pick up of tree limbs. And only drop off tree limbs or shrub  this is not a complete replacement for the transfer station. Drop off will run through June 11th. 

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