Texoma Gears Up for Super Bowl Sunday

Well, Sunday's the big day ... So do you have everything you need for your Superbowl festivities?
    Of course a lot of us wish our Cowboys were in the game ... but it'll still be exciting nonetheless.
   Walmart's manager says they're seeing a spike in flat screen sales.
    He says income tax checks and the Superbowl are proving to be a great combination!
    Stores and restaurants all over town are gearing up for the Superbowl.
   Soon, the bakers at United Market Street will be swirling icing on specialized cakes ... Decorated in Superbowl style.
   Shannan Veitenheimer
United Supermarket Bakery Mgr.
    "It's a decent holiday. We sell a lot of party stuff like french breads & bread bowls & stuff like that. And then cakes - we do cupcakes for every holiday. We sell a lot of -- football shaped cakes, Superbowl cakes."
  Market Street's "epicurean specialist" -- who oversees the cheese -- says it's all hands on deck, preparing dips, snacks, & meats.
   Justin Teague
Epicurean Specialist
"We'll have a lot of hot food on store for people who want to watch the game in the store - we have three big screen TV's to watch it on & believe me it gets very busy in that dining room on Superbowl Sunday."
   We found a hard- core football fan in Billie Beane.
"Well, I'm pretty excited - course, our Dallas cowboys aren't there, but it's okay - maybe next year."  "What do you think was the problem this year?" "Well, they couldn't get it together."  "If you were the Cowboys coach - "Oh my!" "... what advice would you give them for next year?" "Ohh ... I guess just work a little harder."
    Local retailers say if the cowboys were in the Superbowl, of course, that would mean a touchdown for sales.
   "It's still pretty decent - but yeah, Cowboys would make it - a lot bigger."
Billie Beane says she won't be having a crazy party with her friends ... because she takes the game more seriously than most of her friends:
  "I enjoy it. I want to watch. I don't want to be visiting with John Doe over here. "What about the commercials?" "Oh noo, I don't like commercials." "You don't like the commercials?" "No, & I don't like the halftime. I'll probably go get a sandwich during halftime."

And so, we decided to give this devoted fan the last word:

"Oh -- go Giants!"
   May the best team win!
And of course, the Superbowl will be airing right here on NBC ... Sunday night, at 5:30.

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