Texomans Prepare for Severe Weather Season

    And while folks in the Metroplex begin the clean up process from Tuesday's multiple tornadoes,  that natural disaster is a reminder of its power and the danger it brings.  Many Texomans are well aware of those things, but you can never be too prepared during what most consider tornado season.
    Living in tornado alley means we know the potential threat severe weather can bring. It also means we want that added measure of protection something we can get by having a storm shelter.
  "I am very secure. I feel a lot better know that this is here. It wasn't panic like I always get when they say there is severe storms in the area, possibly tornadoes," said new storm shelter owner June White.
    Her storm shelter is brand new, but it's already stocked with the necessities like water, a radio, and blankets.
     "I am also in the process of putting together a grab-and-go kit that will have three days worth of supplies food, a little like a Bunsen burner type for heating water, and first aid kit," said White.
    And when one of these storm shelters installed  into your garage it's really important to register with the fire department. So if disaster strikes they know where you are located.
    "It is registered so that they know where to find us and our step son also is here so he would know exactly where we are located if he had to come over to try and find us," said White.
    According to the Wichita Falls Fire Department more than 1600 shelters have already been registered.
    Though White didn't have to use the shelter Tuesday, she is thankful to know it is there.
    "It's the best investment I think that we've made and trying to ensure our safety and that's the primary point you want to survive if it ever happens," said White.
    The price of the below ground shelters starts at $2,600 and goes up and depending on the size you install can hold any where between 5 to 26 people.

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