Tips to Keep the Flu At Bay in Your Home

If you think the flu bug is starting to lessen its bite across Texoma, think again.

At United Regional here in Wichita Falls, more than 112 patients have piled into the emergency room with fevers, body aches, headaches and other flu symptoms.

Emergency room officials say their first positive flu case came on November 28th.

Although doctors say most of their patients have been treated and released a few have been hospitalized.

So, how can you keep the flu bug at bay, especially if you have someone sick in your home?

Here's what the head of United Regional's emergency room suggests.

If you know someone who's been exposed to the flu try to stay away from them and if you have to be with them, at least keep a 5-foot distance in between cause the droplets are heavy and they'll travel," says Dr. John Hilmi.

Dr. Hilmi also suggests keeping silverware, cups, glasses and other items used by a family member who is sick separate from all of the other items.

And that includes washing.

"Don't use the same cloth or dish rag to wash them with and after the flu is over, which basically is defined as not necessarily a cough, when when fever has broken for at least 24 hours, that's when you can start to mingle back in with everybody else again," adds Dr. Hilmi.

Dr. Hilmi says other ways to protect yourself include washing your hands often, staying hydrated and getting a flu shot.

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