Touring Texoma: HWY Cafe

   It's a good old fashioned cafe, with a huge menu that offers everything from breakfast staples for the early risers, to barbecue, Mexican food and burgers.
        Also found at HWY Cafe, your comfort foods.
Eric Goolsby/HWY Cafe: "Got the cheeseburger, taco basket, sauce, chicken fried steak..."
  Just off Old Jacksboro Highway, around Jasper and Travis in Wichita Falls, sits HWY Cafe.
        It's a nice, but unassuming place, with loyal customers inside, and great food that packs a punch.
       Eric Goolsby and his mother, Nancy own HWY Cafe, and their goals are simple.
       Turn out amazing food in as little time as possible.
  Goolsby: "Yeah, we have a lot of blue collar workers coming in here.  They've got a 30- minute lunch break and they want to be in and out.  Something to fill their stomach, and we definitely do that. 
   Nancy Goolsby:  "It is fun.  Actually, we have people who come in at 5:30 in the morning.  Their lights are on in the parking lot, and I go get them papers, and we sit around and talk.  They're the regulars that come in."
        ...those who can't get enough of HWY Cafe's time- tested menu the Goolsby's inherited, and kept mostly the same.
      Goolsby:  "We don't want to drive any old customers away, but we want to attract some new ones at the same time."
        Here at HWY Cafe, they've got probably one of the larger menus in town.  From the Chicken Fried Steak over here.  Cheeseburger going out.  Just shipped two barbecue sandwiches, slow smoked out back.  My personal favorites, though, the staples, comfort food.  Green beans.
        Nancy: "It's kind of down home.  Kind of down home.  I call it comfort food."
       Goolsby:  "Homemade croutons.  Most of our stuff is homemade.  From our  tarter sauce, salsa, picante sauce, ranch dressing.  All of it's homemade from scratch."
   Danielle Lentz:  "And, this is the fun part..."
        As far as that barbecue slow- cooking up in their seasoned smoker out back...
       Danielle:  "My food comes out tasting good.  Haven't gotten any complaints.  A lot of people love it."
          Danielle Lentz smokes everything from pork ribs, to ham, and of course brisket.
      Danielle:  "I actually save the juice from every smoked brisket that I do...  and I use the juice from the last smoke to inject into my raw brisket."
     "I cover it when I put it in the oven.  When I put it on the smoker, I uncover it, and stick it on here probably about 3- or 4- hours and put it on here, and it will be perfect."
      Kevin Frances/Patterson Auto:  "Today's the day I decided to eat healthy, and the day I decided to eat healthy, I discovered the Chicken Fried Bacon.  So, that wasn't working out too well, the healthy eating thing."
       Kevin Frances works at nearby Patterson Auto.
  And, there's a very good chance he's already HWY Cafe's loyal customers.
       Frances:  "I'm trying to go through the whole menu, and taste everything at least once."
         Lee Ann Haines/Shenk, Shenk & Haines:  "We've got one employee here who loves the Chicken Fried Steak.  Often we get the fried catfish.  It's good here, and the same with burgers and tacos."
       Ray Gonzales/Wichita County Commissioner:  "They have a good variety of specials for lunch, and for breakfast.  It might be oat meal, it might be pancakes.  It just depends, omelets. Good food."
     Lee Ann Haines:  "Oh, they always have great food here.  We come here pretty often, the whole group of us comes."
     HWY Cafe's where hungry workers come back again and again for down home cookin' they've come to expect.
        It's where over 200- menu items give them plenty of staples to chose from.
         HWY Cafe's open for breakfast and lunch, and breakfast is served there all day on Saturdays.
          Also, on Friday nights, there's all you can eat catfish.
          But very soon, they plan to open 4- or 5- nights a week, and start a Sunday brunch.

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