Touring Texoma: Lake Bridgeport

Over  the next month, we're going to spotlight 4- locations that would make perfect destinations while the kids are out of school for the summer.
And, the first on our latest Tour of Texoma is Lake Bridgeport.

Created around 1930 to ease flooding in Fort Worth, Lake Bridgeport is almost 12- thousand acres of fun both inside and out of the water.

Sean Daniels/Arlington Resident: "It's one of the best lakes in Texas, and it's very close to home."

Lake Bridgeport sits about half way between Wichita Falls and Sean Daniels' home in Arlington, and he enjoys his time here for many reasons.

 "One of the biggest things I like about this lake is it sits down low in the valley.  We've got 30- mile an hour winds today, and you can see there are very few white caps out."

"It has a rock bottom.  It's clean.  You don't have your typical mud that's in most of Texas' lakes.  Don't get your boat dirty.  People stay clean.  Fish are phenomenal out here."

That's the part of beautiful Lake Bridgeport many people get to experience and remember.  But, there are also the weekend resorts like Bay Landing, where there's great fun for the whole family, especially on the holidays.

Lynn Mishnick/Manager, Bay Landing:  "On your mark, get set, go!!"

Lynn Mishnick's the manager at Bay Landing, who says members here take care of one another, and throughout the years, become more like family.

Those like Darrell and Darla Lingle.

Darrell:  "It's just got all the amenities here, the lake and the people, just all the good stuff the park puts on.

 Darla:  "Love it because it's so much fun.  All of our friends, we have a group of friends, we run around on the golf carts.  We have big cookouts.  We just have a ball."

Christian: "I've been coming out here a pretty long time.  And, I love coming out here because you can swim and play golf, and you can run around, and ride your bike."

Lonnie Lovell:  "Time to go and get in the swimming pool.  You think they'll like that?

Lynn Buttram & Sandy Kostelecky: "Have four, and the kids have a blast.  From bingo and ping pong, swimming and mini golf, fishing.  I'm one of hers.  Yep."

 David Johnson:  "Family and fun man.  I brought my kids out here.  Kids get to have fun with their grandparents."

Lake Bridgeport is where people come to get away, and forget about it all.
Some bring their RVs.  Others stay in cabins, or pitch a tent.
But, all have this in common.

Lynn: "I think this is the best kept secret in Texas, Lake Bridgeport is.  It's a good fishing lake.  You can always get down to it, even if it's a little low because it's solid rock.  Good family oriented place down here to hang out with the kids and bring the family.  They can learn how to dance tonight."

Darrell:  "Oh, this is the best place.  You can bring the kids, let 'em run free, chase bugs, critters. They can fish, swim, just anything.  Anything you want is right here."

Lynn: "Show time!!"  "New record, y'all give 'em a hand.  24/2, new members, new record."

"A lot of people don't know it's here.  You say, Lake Bridgeport, and they say, lake what?

But, that does quickly change.  Lake Bridgeport sits in both Jack and Wise Counties, on the west fork of the Trinity River.
And, it is a perfect destination for any family on any tour tour of Texoma.

Of course if you're a golfer, you know about Runaway Bay there at the lake.
Golf digest just named it one of the best places to play in the whole country.
But, Bay Landing has about 20- sites open to non- members.
So, if you'd like information on it, and on upcoming events like fireworks sometime around the 4th, just call 940-683-3019.

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