Touring Texoma: Quartz Mountains

In our continued tour of Texoma, we went to a mountain range much older than even the Rockies.

The Quartz Mountains sit about 17- miles north of Altus, and like the Wichitas, they're much older than the Rocky Mountains.

At the Quartz Mountain State Park, there's great fun to be had by the whole family.
A day that turns stormy and forces the kids out of the water could even be salvaged, thanks to beautiful scenery here, and of course, the Quartz Mountain Lodge, built- back after a devastating fire in February, 1995.

Libby Ingram: "This place was kind of my escape, definitely from the school year and it was just such a great learning environment."

22- year old Libby Ingram's a modern dance counselor who's enjoyed the Oklahoma Arts Institute's summer program here in the Quartz Mountains for many years.

"It was just the highlight of the year.  There's something special about it definitely.  It's hard to describe."

She's talking about the gorgeous setting somewhere around 170- high school students get to enjoy, chosen from about 14- hundred who audition.
Those like Maria and Morgan.

 Maria Chaverri: "Even as a counselor, I'm like, oh when do I get time to get out and sketch.  Even taking a hike here, it's very spiritual and it's nice to get in tune with that and your art."

 Morgan Edwards: "There are lots of donors who come out here, and I think they just see the magic within the students and see how excited they are for each discipline they have."

Julie Cohen/President & CEO, Oklahoma Arts Institute: They come down here and see these mountains that's gorgeous.  They can't believe they get to stay in facilities like this.  This is pretty cushy for high school kids.

Throughout the years, Quartz Mountains Nature Park has seen good times to very bad. From the fire in '95 to major drought, to a lake that's down right now like most lakes in Texoma.  The great thing, though, even in much needed rain, good times here still never stop, and you can be a part of them.

Michael Moon/Quartz Mt. Lodge: "We do conferences here, a lot of group visits. And, then mom and dads come and stay with us on the weekends.  Voted Oklahoma's number one romantic getaway a few years ago."

  Jim Brand/General Manager: "The setting is truly, truly tremendous.  You look at it and it grabs you and pulls you in, and you just want to be here."

Jim: "We have reservation systems.  Double rooms, queen rooms, suites, full service restaurant, bar.  Anything you can get at a downtown hotel in the concrete jungle, you can come out here in the mountains and get.

Michael: "A lot of people from Wichita Falls come up to this area.  It's, they're not aware we're here, and they find us.  People come back year after year.  Families just like to get out and incorporate a nice guest room setting, nice restaurant area, but then be able to go out in nature and enjoy as well.  So, mom who doesn't want to tent camp, can come up here and stay in the lodge."

Julie: "I come out with my children, and I tell people all the time, it's a great weekend get- away.  There's a lot to do.  Great trails, the lake, golf if you care about that.  So, a lot to do out here."

Even in the rain, there's so much to see and experience in the Quartz Mountains State Park area, around Lake Lugert, and so many reasons to come back.

If you decide to load up the family, and head that way, you won't be disappointed.
Just call this number for more information... 877-999-5567.

And, here are some interesting facts about that area.

The town of Lugert was founded in 1901, and there was a general store there and post office, and hotels, pool halls and restaurants.

Then, in 1912, a tornado hit the town of 300, killing 3- people and destroying 41 of 42 business buildings there.

In 1927, Altus built a 458- foot dam across the North Fork of the Red River, for water, and the area officially became a state park in 1935.

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