Touring Texoma: Wildcatter Ranch

 It's been about 8- years now since Darrell Franklin traveled south of Graham, when things were just getting started at Wildcatter Ranch.
    And, much has changed since then, except of course for the breathtaking scenery.
    When driving through the gate of Wildcatter Ranch,  past the longhorn, and to the resort above, one thing quickly becomes clear.
    A luxurious Texas experience lies ahead.
      Kelly Dias/Granbury Resident: "It's quiet.  It's beautiful.  The scene is absolutely stunning.  I think that was the first thing we noticed.  We got out of the car and it was completely still.  And, you just don't get that very often, you know, that setting where you just feel you can breathe."
      Kelly Dias and Adam McCullough say they were then equally impressed with their room.
       "We had looked at pictures online and weren't exactly sure.  You know, you never are.  So, it felt more like we were walking into a lodge than a hotel room.  It doesn't have that feel at all.  Very nice."
    "Ours is Indian motif..."
       In fact, each room has a different name and different theme.
        And, resort manager, Jason McAlister says every theme to each room is based on our local Texas history.
      "This is the Butterfield Stagecoach.  So, inside we will see that this room is going to tell the story of the Butterfield Stagecoach that went through this area..."
       "In each room we have videos and books that tell the story of our history.  And, you can imagine those stories coming to life while you're out canoeing on Connor Creek.  So, it's a great way to spend the afternoon."
        As are staples that have been here for tourists and vacationers from the very beginning.
       There's fishing, hiking and horseback riding, to now hanging out at the infinity edge, salt water filtered pool and hot tub, complete with incredible views.
       Jason McAlister/Resort Manager:  "We call this view the Brazos River Valley View because right below us, what you might have a hard time seeing, is the Brazos River.  So, the Brazos River borders our property here at the ranch." 
      "Right over in this area, there's an area that was home to one of the last Indian reservations in north Texas."
        And, that wild west history's a huge draw for people everywhere.
        Those wanting an authentic Texas experience.. would have to enjoy Wildcatter's award- winning steak house as well.
        "Steak.  Any kind of dead cow we can produce."
        "Our chef is actually hand- cutting steaks in- house every day.  So, the quality of beef, especially in our area, this is definitely the fine dining experience."
         "Everything is cooked on an open fire and mesquite."  "Prime ribs we use, we use an oak and mesquite blend.  And, we run that through our smoker out back.  So, but primarily it's all mesquite."
        And, this beautiful hotel's the latest thing Wildcatter has to offer.  It's down to finishing touches now.  This thing's opening up.  Down stairs, there are conference rooms.  Up stairs, 16- hotel rooms.
      "Certainly the rooms themselves, when I looked at stuff online.  That was the most appealing to me.  And, the fact they have the pool and the hot tub, and then the horseback riding and archery, and skeet shooting.  It seems like a place you can come and bring a whole bunch of different people with different likes and whatever and everyone could find something to do."
       There's so much to do in this vast and beautiful portion of Texoma, with natural settings as far as the eye can see.
        It's the perfect destination on your tour of Texoma to remember.
         And, McAlister says about 40- percent of their business is international, from places like Australia, and often the U.K.
         If you'd like more information on things like prices, so you can make your reservation, just call 940-549-3500.

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