Vegas Strip Comes to Texas

The sound of steak sizzling on the grill is unmistakable. The aroma, undeniable.

But if you think you know what's cooking, think again.

On Tuesday, the cook's at Melton's Cafe on Old Jacksboro Highway prepared a brand new cut of meat, and once they had it just right, it was off for its official Texas unveiling at the Cattle Trails Wheat & Stocker Conference, where more than a hundred beef experts dug in and chowed down.

So what did all those steak lover's enjoy?

The newly developed, patent pending, Vegas Strip.

Developed by Dr. Antonio Mata, the Vegas Strip could soon be coming to a dinner plate near you.

"Any time a cut of meat is turned into a steak rather than grinding it, we are adding value to that carcass and everybody ends up benefiting all the way from the farm to the table," said Dr. Mata.

The self professed "Meat Geek", Dr. Mata said the Vegas Strip comes from a part of the cow which is normally used for hamburger meat.

By saving the steak from the grinder, however, Mata said the meat packer can add at least $5 in value to every carcass processed.

A good buy that at least one local restaurant owner can't wait to add to his menu.

"I'm normally a ribeye or a porterhouse guy," said Donnie Melton of Melton's Cafe, "and I really enjoyed eating that steak."

Reporter's Notes by Ryan Robertson:

If you think the Vegas Strip looks or sounds like something you've tried before, maybe a tri-tip steak, think again.

Dr. Mata said until now, it's simply been too expensive for packers to harvest the Vegas Strip, but with his method in place, he hopes meat lovers all over the world will soon experience the strip for themselves.

For more information about Dr. Mata and the Vegas Strip, click here.

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