Weeds Popping Up in Lawns Because of Mild Winter

    The mild temperatures we've had this winter are creating a sea of green fields all around the area. But gardeners say take a closer look at the green and what you may actually find is that it's more weeds then grass.
    Many of us are reach for products like Roundup to kill off the pesky weeds, but gardeners say to be cautious about using those chemicals because it could kill more than just the weeds
    A combination of mild weather and moisture is the perfect blend for weeds to begin blooming out of control this winter. And Edie Dryden is dealing with the problem firsthand.
    "This year its been just perfect weather for them to germinate earlier than later," said Dryden.
    And she's not alone, Steve Smith from Smith's Gardentown say many of his customers are not only coming in for plants for their yard but herbicides as well.
    Smith says, you need to be careful about the chemical you are putting on your lawn since some grasses are already greening up.
    "Well you know some people like to use one of the Roundup type products to over spray their Bermuda grass lawns with, but it's taking a chance doing that this late because since some Bermuda grass is already starting to green up and round up will hammer it too," said Smith.
    Dryen is cautious about using harsh chemicals on her lawn, so she's reduced to ridding these plants by hand or with tools.
    "We haven't had a lawn service for the past 3 or 4 years, and I've just gone out and started weeded the old fashion way, which is really the best way if you don't want to use chemicals," said Dryden.
    But if you don't feel like getting your hands dirty, Smith says the safest type of of chemicals to use for weeds this winter will be 2,4-D Herbicides or Carfentrazone.
    The Department of Agriculture says the mild winters are a trend and bumped up its Hardiness Zone Map a few months ago, first time in 15 years, which means our winters have been about 5 degrees warmer over the years.

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