WFISD Students Adapting to Healthier Lunches

We all know that kids can be picky eaters but when it comes to the healthier foods being served in school cafeterias some students say it's tough to swallow.

This is how school lunch trays used to look and as of August 27th this is how they now look.

New guidelines require schools to provide healthier foods with more fruits, more vegetables and more whole grains.

But are the kids noticing a difference?

This 6th grader say, "You bet!"

"I don't really like the bread, neither do my friends. They're always like, uhhh, I'm not sure about this," says Mollee Kirk, a sixth graders at West Foundation.

For Kevin Pham, a few dishes just don't satisfy his taste buds, like the black beans.

"They put like, I think soy sauce in it and salt and it's nasty. I don't like it," explains Pham, who is a sixth grader at West Foundation Elementary.

And what kids don't like gets thrown in the garbage.

"Of course our costs have skyrocketed cause we do have to, which we've always offered them, but they have to at least take one of those where last year they did not have to do that. So, we have seen a spike in recent costs," explains Kathy Bolton, WFISD child nutrition director.

But school officials say they've also seen many kids give this healthier food a try.

"Sometimes they taste different and I like trying the new ones cause some of those things I've never really seen before and I like trying them sometime and I think that's kind of cool that I get to do that," says Kirk.

According to school officials, since the beginning of the school year they have seen about a 1.5% increase in students bringing their lunch now.

They also say they have not of any students going through the day hungry because they're not eating the healthier food, which is being reported in some other school districts.

And while officials hope more students will eventually start liking the more nutritious lunches they say for now they are required to provide it.

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