WFISD Students Place in Robotics Competition

This group of students at Carrigan Career Center has taken technology to a competitive level.

Eighteen students built this robot and recently entered it in a competition in Dallas.

Getting this robot to become a reality took a lot of time, teamwork and for the students, textbook knowledge.

Students started building this robot in October; spending time during and after class making it come to life.

And it did last week at the First Robotics Competition in Dallas, where the team won fourth place and got a top rating as a rookie team.

"That means that no other rookie team has been placed that high in the standings, so we were fourth overall and we won against the number one and number two teams in the area," explains Tim Clements, an electricity and electronics instructor at Carrigan Career Center.

Students say achieving the accomplishment is shifting their mindset.

"Even though ours was not the best one, it just comes to show you... if you have dedication towards it you can accomplish goals," says Student Jose Mandriagal.

This robot also has some of them rolling toward a brighter future.

"Some of us are actually robotic engineers of the future and that's what I'm hoping a lot of us can achieve," adds Student Cory Roland.

Achieve... thanks to the skill and dedication it took to transform their thoughts into a operational robot.

Mechell Dixon... KFDX 3 News.

Instructors plan to use the robot to inspire elementary and junior high students to become interested in robotics so WFISD can continue competing in the First Robotics Competition.

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