Wichita County Republican Women Candidates Forum

The mud is flying fast and furious, and so is the spending, in the Republican runoff race for U.S. Senate in Texas.  Each candidate has recently accused the other of lying about each other's past records and views.
Today the Wichita County Republican Women hosted a forum for representatives of the candidates in that race, as well as the Railroad Commission runoff.
Republican Senate candidates Ted Cruz and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst were not present, but each had advocates getting their campaign messages out.  One of the candidates in the two Republican Railroad Commission runoff elections also attended.
Dewhurst Campaign Spokesperson Borah Van Dormolen says, "As Lieutenant Governor, he decides what bills come to the floor. We have had a huge success balancing the budget and preventing a state income tax. I highly would recommend.. vote for David Dewhurst."

Railroad Commission Candidate Christi Craddick says, "I think we need to make sure they get out of our business, meaning the FEDS, and we continue to develop our own resources. I think we have an opportunity in this country really to be energy independent if we continue to develop our own resources in the next ten years."

Rafael Cruz, father of Senate candidate Ted Cruz, spoke on behalf of his son at the forum, but declined to be interviewed.

Early voting for the runoff election will be July 23rd through July 27th.  The runoff election will be held on Tuesday, July 31st.

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