Wichita County Students Getting School Immunizations Early

School immunizations are not popular but they are mandatory for some students.

And Wichita County Health officials say they're happy that some parents are taking care of this requirement now instead of later.

The Wichita County Health Department has a cooler full of immunizations.

And with school starting in six weeks, nurses say they're already giving students a mandatory shot of protection.

"It's grades kindergarten through 3rd grade that will need two doses of chickenpox, two doses of MMR and two doses of Hepatitis A. That's the addition, this year is 3rd grade. Last year it was kindergarten through 2. This year it's kindergarten through 3.. third grade," says Kay Sabine, immunization charge nurse at the Wichita County Health Department.

Shots are also required for older students.

"Last year it was 7th grade through 9th grade that needed the two chicken pox, the one dose of meningitis and a tetanus shot. This year for the new school year it will be 7th grade through 10 grade. So, they added 10th this year," explains Sabine.

Since June, nurses have given immunizations to more than 260 kindergarten through high school students.

But that's not all.

"I am getting a meningitis shot before I go off to college," says Joe Harris.

So, Joe Harris decided to brave the needle now; instead of later.

"Shots are not my most favorite activity to get. I'm a little scared right now. The needle. It's just so... they could be tiny and I'll still freak out about it," explains Harris.

And when shot time came, Harris did not freak out, but health officials say some parents just might a few weeks from now when more students start flocking here next month and increase the wait time from a few minutes to a few hours.

Immunizations are given weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Wichita County Health Department at 1700 Third Street.

And take note, if your child is covered by private commercial insurance you will have to pay the full price for each shot then file on your insurance for reimbursement.

And some of the mandatory shots cost more than $100 each.

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