Wichita Falls City Council Voting on Implementing Stage Four Restrictions for Late August

Wichita Falls, TX. - Without rain soon, stage four water restrictions could go into affect this summer for Wichita Falls.

The city council is set to vote on the proposed new restrictions Tuesday.

Public Works Director Russell Schreiber said going into stage four does not mean we will run out of water, it's just the last part of a proactive plan the city hopes will preserve our water supply.

"The last little sliver of water that the customers could potentially give up," says Schreiber.

It's the final stage of a four part program that Public Works Director Russell Schreiber says should stretch the city's water water supply as long as possible.

The plan eliminates all outside watering, unless you use stored rainwater or water saved in the shower or from the sink.

Implementing the plan still leaves some residents worried about how bad things may get... Harold apple says his family has already cut back a lot.

"The wife's quit using the dishwasher, she's using gallon jugs of water from the hot water spicket, till it's hot," says Wichita Falls resident Harold Apple.

Schreiber says it is clear that most residents are doing the best they can to conserve water.

 "The public is an outstanding job of complying with the water restrictions, we see that in our production numbers at the treatment plant, says Schreiber.

Wichita Falls resident Todd Heath says the stage four restrictions may be too little too late.
 "We might as well have done it sooner then now, because we're wasting water and it doesn't look like we're gonna get anymore water anytime soon," says Heath.

Schreiber says water is the city's number one priority right now and a new project reflects that status.

"It is our intention that should we not get any rain this summer or this fall we would have the emergency reuse project online for the spring of next year," says Schreiber.

That project would recycle the water that goes down the drains and toilets into the sewers.
The city council plans to vote and sign off on stage four restrictions at Tuesday's meeting but Schreiber says he does not think we will go into stage four till late august.

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