Wichita Falls Crews Waging War Against Mosquitoes

This sound is being heard more and more around Wichita Falls and these annoying insects are why.

It's also why Vector Control crews are cranking up the attack.

On this day, Rosemont Cemetery is one of about a dozen locations getting sprayed.

Vector Control officials received a request to treat the area and it's one of more than 60 requests the city has received over the past few weeks.

Some parts of town are much worse than others like here along Anchor Road and officials tell me that this area is so bad because of all the standing water along the roadside.

But mosquito experts say homeowners are also helping feed the mosquito frenzy.

"I've actually seen locations in front of people's house where there is mosquito larvae in bird baths... things like that. So, taking the time to go out and get rid of that water that is accessible can reduce the mosquito population quite a bit," explains Wichita Falls Health Inspections Supervisor Jimmy Garcia.

In addition to your help, crews plan to continue their attack by water as well as by air.

Mechell Dixon... KFDX 3 News.

Officials say following the Four D's can protect you against mosquitoes.

That means dumping standing water on your property and not going out at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are out the most.

If you do go out during peak mosquito times dress in long sleeves and pants and wear a mosquito repellent that contains DEET.

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