Wind Creek Golf Course Not Closing. Open to Civilians and Base

Wind Creek Golf Course at Sheppard Air Force Base wants to clear up rumors that it's on the brink of closing ... and wants civilians to know that they're eligible to get a pass to come out and play.
  The golf director says things *were* a little rough for awhile there ...
    A year ago, he says the base was getting about 15 or 20 applications from civilians a *month* ... but he says now, applications are at about 20 or 25 a week.
   Winter temperatures during the past two years really did a number on the wind creek golf course.  The Bermuda grass that thrives in the summer doesn't fare so well in the cold.
   "Last year we lost all our greens due to winter-kill. So, we had to replace them all. And we've had a lot of rumor control going out that we've still lost our greens, that they're not back -- our greens are in excellent shape."
   Wind Creek's Director of Golf, Paul Peters, says while workers redid the greens, players had to use temporary greens.
  "Golfers don't like temporary greens - we know that -- & consequently, from May through July last year, we lost a lot of income because of that."
   Lost income -- to the tune of about 60-thousand dollars.  That's a lot of money for a non-government funded entity.
    George Woodward
SAFB Public Information Officer
   "The golf course is set up, & the intent is that it will be self-sustaining. Like a business."
    The loss fueled rumors of an upcoming closure.
  "There was some danger. I mean, golf as a whole nationwide is down -- it's starting to come back this year."
   Peters says it takes 20-thousand rounds of golf a year to sustain a profit.  Last year, wind creek had 16-thousand rounds ... The year before, it had 18- thousand.  But he says he's confident that this year, the numbers will turn around.
   "The golf course is not closing in June, we're ready for play, we're ready to have people out here, & with that, we want people to know that we are open to the public."
    If you're a civilian who's interested in getting a pass to golf on base, just fill out a form online, and you should be able to get a year-long pass within a few days...
   Just click here.

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