Wounded Soldiers Receive Help Finding Jobs from Ft. Sill

    War heroes are returning home from overseas And returning to life in America. But getting back to the lives they left behind,which might include retiring from the military means starting a new career path. The program is through Fort Sill's Warrior Transition Unit. The goal is to help these wounded warriors move into the civilian world and find jobs within the state of Oklahoma.
    After suffering war injuries four years ago in Iraq Staff Sergeant Louis Thompson had to endure two years of multiple surgeries.  He eventually made the decision to retire from the Army.
    "I finally got to a point where I realized 'hey you have to think beyond your military career, it's time to think about what you are going to do afterwards," said Staff Sgt. Louis Thompson Operation War Fighter.
    And now, thanks to Fort Sill's Operation War Fighter through the Warrior Transition Unit, he has a new career path .Operation War Fighter is a program that places these wounded warriors with federal internships.
    "Some thing that you can't teach out of a book that people graduate from college the Army teaches us how to communicate, how to get along, how to make things work, how to get a mission accomplished," said Stacey Dancy, Liaison for Operation War Fighter.
    Staff Sergeant Thompson now has complete the Operation Warfare program working with the Army Corps. of Engineers and is transitioning to work with the Veterans Affairs in South Korea.
    "We may not be able to be a soldier we've been there, we've done that we've proven that we can do that. So here as soldiers we take the opportunity a step further to say it's time to go beyond and start looking in to our future and gaining new employment opportunities," said Staff Sgt. Thompson.
     With the help of the Operation War Fighter and the Warrior Transition Unit's other program, REALifeines, it gives these soldiers an understanding of the new normal and life beyond the service.
    This program doesn't guarantee these soldiers anything, but the hope is that it will give them all the skills they need to transition into a new career.

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