Athletic Advantage: ACL Surgery

Textbooks can serve as a great learning tool. Lectures can too. But when it comes to learning, nothing tops actually seeing what you're learning about.
In tonight's athletic advantage,  Tobin Mcduff and students from across the region witness an ACL reconstruction surgery.
Field trips often provide students their most valuable days of education. Such was the case for about a hundred athletic training students who visited Midwestern state last week. One of these students was Graciela Dagnino of UT-Arlington. "I'm a very visual person and i feel people can relate better to seeing something rather than just reading about it in a book" 
College and high school students from across the region took in a presentation from athletic trainer Jeremy Woodward and viewed Dr. Joshua Schacter perform an ACL reconstruction surgery on a cadaver.  According to Woodward, "what Dr. Schacter's allowing them is almost like a first year of medical school. They are getting to see the structure, getting to see the procedure where he can visit with them about everything going on."
Benito Velasquez is the chair of MSU's athletic training department, "the students get an appreciation for the anatomy and also understand what the surgery has done to modify the joint and how that will impact the rehabilitation that's going to take place."
 Bill Lyons, the clinical coordinator of the MSU Athletic Training Department says events like this help students decide whether this is a career path they really anticipate pursuing, "the thing which is important about this stage is the impression it leaves with the possibilities in the profession, the exciting things in front of you if you continue down this path."
And it also helps students along their career path, according to Graciela Dagnino, "it helps me better know this is the career i want do do."
Translation, it's giving her and other future athletic trainers the athletic advantage

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