Athletic Advantage, Aquatic Exercise and Rehab

The hardest part about being an athlete that sustains a serious injury is making it back to full strength. It can be a long an tedious process that involves struggling through exercises you were once able to complete with ease.

Of course there are steps you can take that can help you speed up you're recovery and get back to competition. One of these involves stepping off dry land and into the pool. With summer here and the temperatures on the rise. The pool can be an escape from the heat and a good way to have some fun in the sun. But for athletes rehabbing injuries, the pool can provide a low impact way for them to strengthen and rehabilitate their injuries. According to Colleen Taubert, Aquatic therapy coordinator at North Texas Rehab Center, "there are some speed drills that you can run just with running in shallow water, or jumping. Basically doing any dynamic activity.  And then getting in the pool and swimming laps. For most athletes if there not swimmers is very very challenging."
Athletes with injuries to their ankles, lower leg, knees, and shoulders, are just some that can benefit from aquatic rehab.  But this type of rehab can go beyond strengthening and rehabbing. "I would say cardiovascularly they're going to have an advantage compared to the athlete that doesn't do any aquatic exercise. That's probably going to give them the best leap toward getting back to exercise."
And there are things you can do in the pool to help recover from an injury that you just can't do on dry land. Which is why aquatic rehab can help keep you're recovery on track, or even push it ahead of schedule. "Usually in the beginning stages where if a doctor doesn't want the athlete to have much resistance or weight bearing. That's the best time to put aquatic therapy to use."
And athletes in all sports are always looking to gain an edge. Hitting the pool in the off season could not only help you're conditioning but also help you avoid injury in the future. "Absolutely. They are helpful in cross training or making sure you don't have overuse injuries that you might have if you just did specific sports training over and over again. That allows you do to some cardiovascular exercise without the repetitive motion that you might have in your specific sport."
So this off season if you're looking for a way to get ahead. The pool might be a great place to start.

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