Athletic Advantage, Blisters

There's nothing quite like being a young athlete and lacing up that new pair of shoes for the first time. From a new pair of Air Jordan's, to a new pair of cleats that makes you feel like you can run like the wind. But there can be one downside to a new pair of kick's.
You always feel like you can run faster or jump higher when you lace up that new pair of kicks. But there is a way that a new pair of sneaks can slow you down. Blisters. According to Michele Holcomb PA-C. MPAS, "blisters are generally created from sheer type injuries. So patients wearing new shoes that are rubbing into a specific spot. Like new contact or it's not fitting comfortably."
That's why doctors say you should keep your old shoes around just in case you feel a blister coming. And when you get your new cleats or sneakers, wear them around the house to break them in before lacing them up in the big game. But if it's too late and you already have a blister? "Moleskin is actually the most popular and easiest to find. You can find it at any pharmacy or Walmart, Target, that type of place. You cut a small piece about the size of your blister, put it directly on the sore area, then cover it with a larger band aid. And then wear your normal socks and shoes."
And doctors say it's important to keep your blisters clean whether they be on your hands or feet. If you care for your blisters correctly they can develop into calluses, a protective barrier for the softer skin underneath. "you want to actually leave the calluses on your feet because they serve as a protective barrier." 
And this protective barrier can help keep you on you feet whatever you may be doing. So remember, if you have new shoes, break them in first. And if you do get a blister, take care of it by keeping it clean.

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