Athletic Advantage, Bruises

There's an expression in sports that goes like this."over the course of a season...You're gonna end up with some bumps and bruises."
    Some of those bumps and bruises are worse than others, but if you know the right way to go about treating the one's you do end up with, you can get back on the field in no time. If you ask any athlete if they've ever had a bruise, no matter the sport, odds are they'll say yes. And the thing with bruises, you see them more in contact sports. But you can get them from doing just about anything. But what exactly is a bruise? According to Jeremy Woodward, head Athletic trainer for United Regional, "if something hits you in your muscle, the discoloration associated with bruises is actually the bleeding after the hit or the trauma"
And believe it or not, the worse the bruise looks, the better it's getting. And doctors say to treat a bruise just like you would treat a fracture. "initially what you want to do is ice it. Maybe some mild compression. And if it's in your leg or your arm you can always elevate it."
Of course after 72 hours you can mix in heat, along with rest, ice, compression and elevation, otherwise known as RICE. And if you mismanage a deep bruise, according to Woodward, "I know from my experiences, I've had an athlete that's been sidelined with a deep contusion for two months. It was very painful. It really limited their range of motion where they couldn't bend and straighten their leg as much. And they just didn't have any power or kick."
And trainers say if you have a bruise that doesn't hurt, it's ok to play. But if you take a big shot to a muscle, and that muscle has trouble moving or you don't have any power when you try to move it. That's when it's time to shut it down and to rice. Rest ice compress and elevate. Also remember to check with trainers to check you're progress.

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