Athletic Advantage: Cheerleading Wrist Injuries

In tonight's athletic advantage Alex takes a look at a sport that produces more injuries than you might think, cheerleading.
    When you think about wrist injuries, you might think football or basketball.  Maybe even tennis or baseball, but one sport that's sometime overlooked, is cheerleading. 
    According to Dr Babbel, and orthopedic surgeon with United Regional, "they do some pretty crazy or amazing things with the way they're thrown in the air or on the pyramids...And they often have what we call foosh injuries.  Fall on an outstretched hand...It's something that many people have heard...Many doctors have seen in their offices...And that just like the hand injuries can be just a simple wrist sprain...All the way to breaking the wrist, or breaking the bones in the wrist..."
    And the recovery time of wrist injuries depends on a number of different factors, Dr. Babbell says, "Depending on the level of wrist injury...If there is a broken bone involved, often as long as it's lined up okay...we treat them in a cast for about six weeks...if it's out of place significantly we need to do surgury to either line it up or get it looking better and again it's about six weeks..."
    But believe it or not, according to doctors, sometimes a broken wrist isn't the worst news a cheerleader can hear..."ssuprisingly it's sometimes worse to sprain a wrist than it is to break it...Because then you have to deal with ligaments that are torn and that can be a couple months of recovery..."
    The most important thing is to see a trainer if your wrist is injured, and remember to keep up with any instructions the trainer gives you, even if you have to take some time off from the sidelines.

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