Athletic Advantage, Diabetes

Running jumping and extreme contact can be a challenge for any athlete weather they be on a field or on a court. But add in the task of trying to manage a medical condition like diabetes and that challenge increases. According to experts type 1 diabetes or
juvenile diabetes is what's most commonly found in athletes. That's a condition where your body doesn't make any insulin or very little insulin.

Insulin is produced by glands in the body and is needed in order for your body to acces
s its sugar which is what your muscles use. So when your body doesn't produce insulin it makes the sugar useless. That's why experts say you must take diabetes seriously, by working close with a doctor and managing your blood sugar. The blood sugar reading have to be very tightly controlled to make sure your body doesn't get into a dangerous situation by over exerting yourself. But there are some thing you can look out for. Most common symptoms are increased thirst increased appetite urinating frequently and weight loss. Something that will help you manage diabetes, eating right. Diet is extremely important, with diabetes you really have to understand the condition and nutrition to manage diabetes safely so you can participate and perform at your best. If you notice any of the symptoms such as increased thirst, increased hunger, frequent urination, or weight loss that you didn't intend be sure to talk to your doctor.

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