Athletic Advantage, Elbow Injuries Part 1

Two weeks ago we told you about how shoulder injuries can affect athletes in overhead throwing and hitting sports. Tonight we move down the arm to the elbow.
    Overuse injuries in the elbow can have athletes sidelined for months at a time, and can even lead to surgery if gone undiagnosed and untreated. Tonight in the first part of a two part athletic advantage series, Alex Zannes talks to trainers about the elbow, and how taking care of your elbow and the surrounding muscles can help you stay off the disabled list.
When you hear about tennis elbow, you think of tennis. Golfers elbow, golf. But just because these injuries are named after specific sports, doesn't mean they stick to their namesake. One of the biggest problems in all repetitive motion sports is overuse. And there's one important thing to remember. According to athletic trainers, "The first sign of an athlete that's having elbow issues is to stop. We need to evaluate them, shut them down, see what's going on and get them to the physician."
But there are ways to keep your throwing elbow from getting to the point where you need to sit out, or sit in a doctors office. "i think number one warm up is important. The coaches are really good they're really knowledgeable about warm ups, flexibility is important. They use rubber bands to get their arms warm. Warm up is the key"
Another issue can be athletes in small schools going from sport to sport, without getting their arms ready for the rigors of a new season. "i think in the beginning of the season most of the time they're not ready to throw. I know most of the kids have been throwing. Or they'll start throwing long before basketball season is over to get their arm in shape to get ready to throw."
And especially in the beginning of a season it's important to ice you're elbow and ask trainers if you should be taking any anti inflammatory's to keep normal levels of pain down. But most importantly, if you feel pain in you're elbow, make sure you check with trainers to see if any action needs to be taken.

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