Athletic Advantage Expert Blog - January 2013: FOOSH Injuries

A FOOSH injury is an injury caused from Falling-On-Outstretched-Hand. Although we discussed the circumstances of cheerleaders receiving FOOSH injuries in our last Athletic Advantage segment, it is not only cheerleaders who receive such an injury. Football, basketball, volleyball, track and ice skating are all sports in which this may occur. And to be clear, this type of injury can also be the result of any action that jams the wrist, not just a fall.  

Falling on an outstretched hand may cause damage to the wrist, as well as forearm, arm bone, or even elbow. It may lead to shoulder problems as well.

Pain to the injured body part is the most common symptom of a FOOSH injury; other symptoms may vary depending on the specific upper limb structure involved but may include:

- Swelling
- Tenderness
- Bruising 
- Difficulty moving your upper arm
- Weakness
- Obvious deformity 
- Bone appears out of location in a joint 

If these symptoms do occur, don't hesitate to seek medical attention for a proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The Sports Medicine Program at United Regional can be reached at 940-764-5400.

Reduce the risk of a FOOSH injury by wearing wrist supports, tape or a brace, depending on the sport.

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