Athletic Advantage: Finger & Wrist Injuries

The most famous injured finger in america right now may belong to Dez Bryant.
    Even superstars are susceptible to one of the most common injuries athletes suffer, fingers and hands.
     If you suffer such an injury the worst thing you can do is return immediately to action.
"In fact i had a football player that came in this year with a finger injury," says Dr. Daniel Babbel.  "And upon examining his hand he had a previous injury he ignored and was left with a permanent deformity of that finger. He had wrapped it up, played with it and just kept on going. You can certainly wrap it up and keep playing but such as that player, he's now got a finger that doesn't work."   
    While finger injuries are nearly impossible to prevent, there are precautions you can take when it comes to your wrist.
    "Very often your finger jammed by a ball, playing football you tackle someone," says Babbel.  "So it's very hard to prevent finger injuries. Wrist injuries are a little more preventable by wearing protective gear, taping wrists in football, volleyball. It can help prevent wrist sprains, possible fractures of different bones within the wrist.  It's tough to prevent finger and hand injuries because they're out there. 
Statistics show the odds of re-injury to a finger or wrist is minimal if you receive proper care.
    Statistics also show if you don't receive proper care you are more likely to suffer long term issues including arthritis.

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