Athletic Advantage: Knee Injuries

It should come as no great surprise if there is an injury to be had, football can produce it.  From head to foot.

But listen up girls, you too need to take care of your knees.

Because of football boys may a higher overall rate of knee injuries, but girls injuries tend to be more severe.

And quite often knee injuries are produced from a non-contact move. In cheerleading it's  a landing, in volleyball it's an awkward jump, in soccer or basketball it's pivoting.

"The most common injuries we'll see in these patients are run a ranging anywhere from a knee sprain to a true tear or an ACL," says orthopedic seurgeon Joshua Schacter.  "A ligament inside the knee that will require reconstruction. These are very common procedures. Probably on the order of 10-15 a month. "

Girls are twice as likely to require surgery. And even with more minor injuries, more likely to spend time off the court.

Studies show girls average more than three weeks away from the game while guys are back in less than a week.    

"I think the biggest concern with athletes is 'am i going to get back on the field. Am i going to be able to perform'  our goal when we are treating these kids is to reassure them that we're going to do our best to get their life back to normal, get them back on the field to a high level of participation," says Schacter. "And really the part that we do here is the easy part. The kids have to do their rehab, adhere to their restrictions. They have to get this limb healthy again so they can perform on the field.  The toughest part is certainly the physical therapy. That is all dependent on the athlete themselves. I can do very little to affect that. When we do our surgeries we take a great amount of pride in doing a nice surgery but it really is up to the athlete to get back into the game."   

And after all....that's the ultimate goal.

If you're concerned about knee injuries, don't be shy about asking an athletic trainer what you can do to take a preventative course of action.

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