Athletic Advantage: Shin Splints

    Shin splints are not only painful, if you're a competitive athlete or even a weekend wannabe, they can bring an aching halt to your activities.
    Usually, shin splints ache from just below your knee down into the front of your ankle.
    The cure????
"Rest," suggest United Regional physical therapist Minto George.  "Ice it. Use compression like ace bandages. Elevate it. Usually they resolve in a week."  
Whatever you do.....
"Definately don't try to push past the pain," says George. 
If you do, all you accomplish is to extend the healing process.
    There are preventative steps you can take, like warming up with proper stretching prior to being active. 
    And.....keep track of your shoes odometer.  
     George says, "To prevent, change out shoes every 300 to 500 miles or three to five months. If the inside of the shoe wears too soon it can lead to overpronation, which is an inward motion of the foot." 
    If you develop shin splints and insist on staying active, you may want to hit the pool and take up swimming until you heal.   

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