Athletic Advantage: Sideline Concussions

- There are many tools and techniques to categorize concussions, but the question is when is the best time to implement these methods.

Concussions are becoming too common for young athlete's these days. A recent NCAA study finds football players suffer 2.5 concussions per every 1,000 game related exposures. 
The steps taken immediately following a potential head injury are under more scrutiny than ever before.But as medical professionals learn more and more about the dangers of concussions, they also learn more and more about treatment.

"The easy saying for coaches, parents and folks to remember is when doubt sit em out so again we do not want to put a kid back in to play any sport if they have a concussion because we want to eliminate that chance of second impact syndrome," says United Regional athletic trainer Jeremy Woodward. "If there's a collision you always suspect them either by observation or by sideline assessment but symptoms can present immediately after the collision or they can take sometimes anywhere from 20 minutes to two days before symptoms star to show."

In contact sports it's impossible to completely eliminate concussions but with proper sideline assessment your child will know if it's safe to get back in the game.

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