Athletic Advantage: Skating Injuries

    In tonight's athletic advantage we lump figure skating, roller skating, in-line skating and skateboarding together with one fun word to say........
    It's an acronym for "falling on out stretched hand"
    Go ahead....say it.......FOOSH!
    Say it as often as you like.
    Just don't do it.
"There are a lot of injuries that can happen with that, you can have fractures, bruises cuts and scrapes," says athletic trainer Brian Deatherage. 
    Most of those injuries can be prevented by following two simple tips.
    One.....Skate in your comfort zone.
     "Don't be trying to day things you know you can't do. Take it easy. Don't be racing if your not as good on your feet as some of the other kids," says Deatherage.
Tip two....wear protective gear. 
      "You may look silly with helmets, elbow pads and things like that need to be worn at all times to protect your head and arms. Kids won't wear helmets or elbow pads and they're the ones that get hurt. They want to hang out with friends and think they're cool. You fall on the ground and knock yourself out. That's not cool," says Deatherage. 
    But the word foosh is cool....and it's an easy way to remember you don't want to end up in the hospital. 
    I'm tobin mcduff, giving you the athletic advantage.  

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