FNF Preview: 2013 Old High Coyotes

In one of, if not the toughest district in class 4A, Old high is looking to compete. Something they've had a hard time doing the last five years. The Coyotes last winning season coming in 2007.
This year though the Coyotes find themselves under new leadership. With head coach Danny Russel now at the helm.  Russel leaving his coaching job of 18 years at Garland high school for the opportunity to help turn the Coyotes program around, "i thought it was a challenge. I thought it was a difficult situation but i also thought it was a very promising situation and that if you came in here and did a great job you could flip this thing around pretty quick, and i still feel that way."

Optimism is in the air at Old High. With a new coach and a new offense, the Coyotes are looking to improve on the recent string of losing seasons that this year's seniors are so accustomed to. Defensive end Chance McWhorter says the team is adapting well to the change, "we're really excited and we think we have a good chance this year. We're excited to show people what we've got."

The coyotes come into this season having to adjust to a new offensive scheme. Something wide receiver Adam Stowe says was slow going at first, "when he came in it was difficult it was all new. I've been doing the old system for a couple years now. We just had to change the way we did some things. Change the way we work out. As time went on it got easier and now it's like clockwork."

Coach Russell says the team is buying into the changes on both sides of the ball, and that he's been especially impressed with the players occupying skill positions, "we've got tremendous skill guys we really do. Mikal Penn, O.J. Clark, Dwight Ross,  Adam Stowe, Chase Key, i mean we've got tremendous skill guys. We've got guys that if we can get the ball in their hands we're pretty dangerous. So from that standpoint i feel like we'll match up with most people we face."

And as far as competing in one of the toughest districts in the state, "i'm a realist. I know what we're up against. But at the same time i don't want to play a patsy every week either. I'd like to see where we are every week and this district is going to allow us rather quickly to find out where we're at. It's full of strong teams and it will let us know what we need to work on and where we need to get better very quickly."

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