Athletic Advantage: Tennis Injuries

    Practice. Practice. Practice.
    That's the only way your tennis game will get better.
    Unfortunately, tennis is no different from any other sport, injuries happen.
    And in tennis we usually see lower body injuries.
     "They've swung a racket so much for so long the upper body does have overuse injuries but not near the volume we see with stress fractures we see in the foot or shin," says Bill Lyons who is the clinical coordinator for the Midwestern State University athletic training department.  
Here are three tips for avoiding a timeout from your topspin, having your backhand benched, or having to rehab before you rally.
Number one. Get a good pair of shoes. Don't fall into the trap of buying shoes for their appearance and retire them when they start to get worn out.
"If feet have problems, then shins, then knees. A foot injury can lead to a shoulder injury because you change mechanics," says Lyons. 
Number two. Take lessons to learn proper mechanics. 
"In a sport like tennis typically it starts with 'here's a racket, get on the court and play',"
says Lyons. 
Number three. Find a training regimen which will increase endurance and improve agility.
"The demands of the sport certainly speak to the need for that. So i think that taking the sport and adding those components would help in many ways," says Lyons.  
    And it will help you have an Athletic Advantage.

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