Iowa Park Stadium Nears Completion

The wait's just about over for Iowa Park Hawk fans, anxiously awaiting the move into their beautifully refurbished, state of the art football stadium.

After unexpected delays, the Hawks' district game against Hirschi in just over two weeks is expected to be their first game at home.

It's been almost a year and a half since Iowa Park voters approved a 14.7- million dollar bond issue for major renovations to the high school and athletic complexes.

Robert Wilcox/1999 KFDX Hometown Hero: "I love it when they win. I've seen 15 and 0 and I've seen 0 and 15. Still, the Hawks are mine."

Iowa Park's biggest fan, 84- year old Robert Wilcox is certainly aware it's also all about finishing touches to the football stadium.

"I've tried to stay out of the construction guys' way. They saw to it I got a hard hat because they couldn't get rid of me."

In 65- years, Wilcox says he's only not announced 3- Iowa Park Hawk varsity football games.

His is the voice generations of Hawk fans recognize, who's getting his own suite in the new press box.

"My, you talk about a suite. That up there is going to be nice."

"This room is for the dignitaries, school board. Iowa Park School Board, visitor's team school board, superintendent, what have you. That's what this room is all about."

Tim Kingcade/Director of Maintenance, I.P. Schools: "In between all that is an open air where the video deck is, for where staff and visiting coaches can video the game."

"We have a scouting room. We have a visiting coaches room. We have our coaching room. We have a radio announcer's booth, and we have a VIP room."

Kingcade's also an Iowa Park allum, who's extremely excited as well about the hugely expanded and relocated ticket stand, and concession stand area with rest rooms.

There's also the 8- lane track that will allow Iowa Park to host district meets, and weight room nearing completion.

"It is massive. Yeah, there's a lot more room in the weight room. All the coaches offices, all the dressing rooms, everything is bigger. It's going to be super sharp. I know Coach Ponder and all his staff can not wait to get in there."

What also has the Hawks and all those involved so excited is the turf. The synthetic turf. It's so soft, even the old timers say they wouldn't mind getting tackled on the stuff. So many things for Hawk fans to be excited about."

Wilcox: "I am glad I lived long enough to see it. It's the highlight of my life, other than my wife."

Wilcox says he's also unbelievably proud of all the renovations to the school, including those inside the auditorium.

As far as when you'll see Hawk football and the Mean Green Marching Machine inside the new stadium, that's set for October 25th.

It's a district game against Hirschi.

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