Name Game: Henderson Field

- We are in the second half of our Sports Spotlight special reports-----The Name Game.

For this installment, we go to the land of the Bulldogs where Jermaine Ferrell takes a look at the Burkburnett High School's baseball park otherwise known as Henderson Field.

Zac and Alleen Henderson were longtime educators in the Burkburnett school district. Zac also taught for many years at McNiel Middle School in Wichita Falls.

They were deeply involved in education.

Danny Nix-Burkburnett High School Athletic Director----"They were very athletic family Zac or Zackey as we all know him was one of the top athletes to every come through Burkburnett. He was a tremendous player at Oklahoma. An all-american and a four year starter."

Zac Henderson was the football coach and athletic director at Burkburnett during the 1960's. His son was not only a standout for the Bulldogs and the Sooners, but he played pro football in the Canadian Football League, the National Football League and the United States Football League from 1978-1985.

The Henderson's love for the Bulldogs extended to the athletics facilities as well.

From the 1960's to the early 1980's the Burkburnett baseball field was lacking something that we all take for granted these days.

The Henderson's stepped up to the plate to do something about it.

Nix------"Up until the early 80's the baseball field had no lights. Mister and Misses Henderson being very generous and Zackey who was a tremendous baseball player here, they wanted to make the donation for the lighting of the field. Once they paid for the lights to the field, the field was named for the Henderson family."

That act of generous was huge in helping the Burkburnett baseball program grow over the past 30 years.

Nix------"Well it was fantastic. Through the years numerous game were play that could not have been played if it were not a lighted field. It make scheduling so much easier. To play junior varsity and varsity games in the same night. It is used year round by many programs including the Blacksox. The lights have been a terrific addition."

Athletic director Danny Nix's says the Henderson's legacy in Burkburnett isn't just about providing lights for the baseball field but so much more.

Nix------"Long time educator, someone very involved in athletics. And then again their son was one of the very best athletes in the history of Burkburnett. I think they are an very important family. Their contributions. We are proud of our field it has been a terrific baseball field for us. We still have some upgrades we want to do to it to make it better. But we are proud of it."

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