Sports Spotlight: Darren Mayes

- One of the more successful girls basketball coaches in our area is in a health battle of his own.
Darren Mayes coached at Crowell, Breckenridge, Olney, and Henrietta racking up more than 260 wins.
Now he is looking at picking up another win with hs health.
Darren Mayes is spending this day with his daughter doing the thing that he loves.
That's teaching the game of basketball.
Mayes has been doing it for several years leading teams to successful winning campaign.
When Mayes was in Olney he started developing some medical problems which led to something more serious.
He is in need of a liver transplant.
At Mayes last doctor visit, the doctor started telling him horror stories of those who have died waiting for a donor's liver. His doctors are pushing him to get a living donor.
The way a person becomes a living donor is this: doctors completely take out Mayes liver and take out only half of the donors. Then, Mayes receives half of the donor's healthy liver. In 45 days, both halves have grown back to full size. After about 6 days, the donor gos home from the hospital. Mayes insurance pays for the entire process. Mayes can only take blood TYPE A, TYPE A+,TYPE O, or TYPE O+. If you are interested, please call Tayana at Baylor in Dallas. She will screen you and answer any questions you have at (214)820-9069 or .

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