Sports Spotlight: Family Affair At This Year's Oil Bowl

- The 77th annual Oil Bowl kicks off Saturday night at 7:30 at Memorial Stadium.
The game and the events surrounding it, will be a family affair for a mother, daughter and son from Harrold.
Recent Harrold High School graduate Madison Templeton and her mom Kenya have a unique connection to this week's Oil Bowl.
Back in 1988, Kenya participated in the Oil Bowl queen pageant when she was a student at Vernon.
Now, 26 year later, Madison is following in her mother's footsteps.
Madison Templeton, 2014 Oil Bowl Pageant Contest---------"I guess it is interesting. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this pageant wise. I guess it is pretty cool."
Kenya Templeton, 1988 Oil Bowl Queen Pageant Contestant & Madison's Mom-----"It was exciting. I got to meet a lot of new people. I got to dress up and feel important."
Entering the Oil Bowl Queen Pageant is something completely different for Madison.
She says she is used to competing on the volleyball court not for something like Oil Bowl Queen.
Madison--------"I don't think the two are in the same ball park. I really don't know how to compare it. It is kinda of a shock that I am doing this."
Kenya-----------"She has raised pigs. Every year she has a horse. She braids her tail. She isn't the type of girl that will dress up and look pretty for other people. I think it is a neat experience that she get to do that."
While Kenya is helping her daughter Madison participate in the Oil Bowl Pageant, another member of the Templeton family will actually play in Saturday's game.
Kenya's son & Madison's brother, Matthew Templeton will be the first Harrold player to play in the Oil Bowl.
He's also one of the few six man players to ever participate in the game.
Matthew Templeton, West Texas Player & Harrold H.S. Graduate--------"I guess it puts a little pressure on me I have a lot of people looking up to me especially from Harrold. I got a lot of family looking at me. I just hope I can do the right thing and make some good choices out here.
For Matthew, Madison, and Kenya it is an interesting Oil Bowl family experience they all will share.
Matthew--------"I think it is unique. I don't think it happens that often. Especially now that I get to play. I am one of the first six man players that gets to play and I am the first one from Harrold.
Madision-------"I guess it will be interesting. Seeing him play and getting to be in it. That will be a fun and family event."
Kenya----"Yeah I am excited. It is neat. Because it is something I got to experience and now she will get to experience it and Matt being part of the game. It is unique I guess. Not all families get to experience this.

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