Sports Spotlight:Carl Wiersema's 20 Years At Rider

- 1995 was the year Carl Wiersema coached his first Rider team.
And he has been going strong ever since.
Rider Girls Head Soccer Coach Carl Wiersema:"It has been so much fun. When someone has to ask me how long I have to count it up. Everytime they ask. So no it doesn't seem like it has been 20 years."
Wiersema says there have been several keys to him being a successful coach at Rider for two decades.
Wiersema:"I think a lot of this has to do with preparation. I have gone to a lot of coaching classes. I think a lot of it is being blessed with great talent. We get kids who come here because we have developed a reputation for success. And they want to be a part of that."
Legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry was know by quarterback Roger Staubach as the man who wears the funny hats on the sidelines.
There's nothing funny about Coach Wiersema and his tradition of wearing his ever popular hat.
Wiersema:"I grew up in Florida. So sun has been a factor all of my life. And coming out to Texas it was just as bad if no worse. Rather than lathering up with sunscreen all of the time, I found this hat to keep the sun off my nose and my neck and my face. And it has done a great job. And I have been able to replace it with the same kind of hat. So I guess over 20 years, I have probably gone through 12-15 hats."
Wiersema's teams won 16 district titles, 3 regional titles, 3 trips to state with a title game appearance.
He's proud of how the Lady Raiders soccer program has grown over the years.
Wiersema: "It was only two years old when i got here. So it was still in its infancy. I think establishing a program of success. Where the kids are going to come and know they are going to work hard. They know that if they work hard they will see success. And we have been very blessed with a very successful program over the years."

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