Sports Spotlight:Graham QB Ben Davis Leads Steers High Powered Offense

- The Graham Steers have had scoreboard operators busy this season.
They are scoring 48 points a game while out scoring their opponents by 39 points a game.
Senior quarterback Ben Davis is a big part of the offensive onslaught.
Davis has passed for 3707 yards and 41 TD's while rushing for 824 yards and 14 scores.
He says for him it isn't about the numbers it getting the wins.
"I would say it has been down to earth. You say they are gaudy numbers. It was like the first five games I don't remember my numbers but I didn't even notice it. All I care about is the wins," said Davis.
"Football this day and age is a lot of formations and a lot of route running. There are five people in a route sometime. I think where he does a good job is reading the coverages and picking the right target," said Graham Head Football Coach Kenny Davidson.
At 5-11, Davis isn't one of the biggest quarterbacks out there.
But what he might lack in height he surely makes up for on the field.
Just like one of his favorite under 6 foot NFL quarterbacks Russell Wilson.
"To come out with that short height and to be prolific like he is that's a testament to you don't have to be a Ben Rothlesberger or a Peyton Manning 6-4 stay in the pocket. Because the game is developing to where it is getting so complex to where a quarterback doesn't have to stay in the pocket. For that long they will get hit," said Davis.
"You know Ben is not the prototypical division one quarterback 6-3 205 quarterback. Ben is an outstanding high school quarterback. He uses his talents well. He is elusive when he carries the ball,"said Davidson.
From when he started in his sophomore year to where he is today, Davis is excited to be part of team that is making a run to a state title.
"I started the homecoming game that year. That team you know there was as lot of separation that season. I felt there was a lot of dysfunction. To go from dysfunction to what we have now is a tight band of brothers, I think it is a huge thing for this program and for the coaches to go from something like that to the team we have now and to build on that when we leave," said Davis.

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