Trace Miller Faces the Toughest Opponent of His Life

        " I made this bat for you. A custom bat with your Iowa Park colors. I put in Trace Miller #48 and hashtag Killer Miller. We
just want you to know we support you and anything we can do for you we're here for you," says Leland Wetzel. 

        "Thank you," responded Trace Miller. 

        Wetzel presented a custom-made bat to 11-year-old Trace Miller Friday afternoon. A bat Trace has earned the hard way.

        Five weeks ago Trace began suffering from bad headaches and high fevers. While at a Texas Rangers game, the symptoms became unbearable ending with a visit to the emergency room.

        After two weeks of testing, Trace was diagnosed with a rare disease called Sarcoidosis which is treated the same as cancer.

        The disease has forced Trace to miss the end of his little league baseball season and sidelined him to the family couch.

        "Concern sets in how many days are we gonna run a high fever. How many days are we going to have a headache. How many dayswill my boy, who loves to run around, hunt, fish, play football and baseball. How long is he going to be laid out on the couch?" asks Nelson Miller, Trace's Dad. 

        The disease has attacked his kidney, liver and spleen which has tripled in size from swelling.

        "Instead of forming tumors it forms granulomas and that's what is forming on the inside of him and and his skin," says April Miller, Trace's Mom. 

        In an effort to ease the pain, Trace's Uncle recently arranged a special visit back to Globe Life Park in which Trace was able to meet former Texas Rangers Nelson Cruz and Chris Davis.

        "Chris Davis walked up to be and said can you swing this bat and then he said I could have it," says Trace.
        "Just watching him down on the field interacting with the guys, watching him behind the batting cage was phenomenal to see the smile on his face," says Nelson.

        Trace's comfort zone is on the field preferably competing against an opponent. Wearing the number 48, being called Killer Miller. Now he's forced to fight an opponent he knows little about and it's more than just a game.

        "The minimum amount of time it takes to get into remission is two years," says Trace's mom.

        "Trace is a fighter. He's gonna win. It may take two years, it may take three. It may take ten. I don't know. But he's going to win," says Trace's dad.

        "It's going to be a long time. A long two years or how ever long it takes," says Trace.  

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