Name Game: D.L. Ligon Coliseum

- We are putting the wraps on our Sports Spotlight special reports-----the Name Game.

We head down the street to a place where the M.S.U. Indians and now Mustangs have called home for more than 45 years.

Jermaine Ferrell takes us to D.L. Ligon Coliseum and introduces us to the man behind the name.

Born Delma Lee Ligon, November 12, 1904, D.L. or "Doc" as his friends called him came to M.S.U. back in September of 1937 as the Director of Physical Education.

At that time, Midwestern State was know as Hardin Junior College.

In fact, Ligon was the first coach hired after intercollegiate athletics was re-instated at the school after a 7 year hiatus.

Ligon coached basketball through 1946.

After his coaching career, he wore many hats at Midwestern State including professor, dean, vice president, acting president, and sports information director.

He retired from M.S.U. in 1989.

During his 5 decades of service at M.S.U. Ligon received numerous awards and honors... But to those who knew him, Ligon always stayed grounded.

Harold Rogers, Friend of D.L. Ligon--------"I just think he brought to the campus. A nature of a man who was always willing to sit down with anyone a student or a fan or anyone to talk about Midwestern State."

Work began on the building that now displays his name in August of 1967. It was called the M.U. Coliseum at the time.

By the time the facility was finished and opened in May of 1969, with a price tag of $3 million., it was the most expensive building project in Wichita Falls history.

Fast forward to August 1975, the Midwestern board of regents honored D.L. Ligon with his years of service by renaming Midwestern University Coliseum, D.L. Ligon Coliseum.

Rogers-----"It meant so much to D.L. and his wife. They loved Midwestern. They revered Midwestern and to have it named after him was something they couldn't get over.

Ligon was not only generous to Midwestern State but also his family and friends until his dying day on March 18th, 1990.

Rogers------"And he actually put into his will, 'To my dear friends who have come daily to visit me in the hospital bringing in my love and support for good health and he left the each $45,000.' 8 different individuals that came to visit him in the hospital. I have never had anyone in my law practice do anything like that for their friends."

Now approaching the 40th season for " D.L. Coliseum" , there is still a lot of pride for the man whose name is on the front of the building.

Rogers------"I think the D.L. Ligon name meant so much to the fans. The alumni and especially the team. D.L. Ligon Coliseum meant so much to every basketball player that came to Midwestern. I am sure because he stood for sportsmanship, good will, charity, everything you can say about a man he had it. That was D.L. Ligon."

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