Sports Spotlight: 2004 State Champs Archer City Lady Cats Basketball Team

- 10 years ago, the Archer City Lady cats were in it to win in on the hoop court.
They brought home the Class A, Division One title
Saturday, the UIL honors the Lady Cats for winning it all ten years ago.
Coach Jeff Martin, and players Brittni Burks and Magan Moore now Brittni Begley and Magan Styles. Spent part of this day remembering about the good ole days of Archer City Lady Cats basketball, especially the year 2004!
That was the season they became champions.
The drive to win the title could actually be traced to the previous year.
In 2003, the Lady Cats spent most of the season undefeated and ranked number 1. But a lost in the Bi-District round to Lipan, ended Archer City's season prematurely.
Brittni(Burks)Begley: I really think this leaves a bad taste in your mouth to know you were the better team. But let yourself get beat. So we came back the next year. It wasn't going to be if we are going to win. There was no other option we were going to win no matter what.
Magan(Moore)Styles:I don't think we appreciate it enough. We went into it expecting to win and we got beat out of it so early. I think we were hungrier the next year. Our feelings were hurt we were upset about it. And we didn't take the game so lightly.
Jeff Martin:I think it was learning process for us. It has been 13 years that they have made the playoffs. So they really didn't know what to expect be cause they have never had that type of pressure before. So once we got over that hump we kinda know what to expect. And we know what we needed to do to reach our goal.
On the way to reaching that goal, the Lady Cats went 30-5, avenged the loss to Lipan in the Bi-District round.
Then they beat Rice, Meridian, Hubbard, and Sudan.
In the finals, Archer City played Muenster, led by Begley's double double 18 points and 11 rebounds and Styles 16 points, the Lady Cats eked out a 43-42.
The game was tied at the half and Muenster lead after three quarters.
When it was all said and done, Archer City won the title.
Here's what Styles and Martin said after the game.
Styles(2004):I knew it was now or never being a senior. We either had to leave it all on the court or never do it again. So that was my thought.
Martin(2004):Well we got a little flustered. We got out of offense we have been running against that trap in the corners and that is where they wanted us to go. Then we turned the ball over several times. So that allowed them to get some turnovers and get some easy buckets.
During the run to state, the Lady Cats got a lot of support not only from the Archer City community but even their closest rivals.
Begley: Luckily we grow up in an area where we have great support from other schools that sent flowers and candy and i remember on our bus ride there we rode through Windthorst and they had this big banner that they put up on the side of the road.
Styles: I felt like we were on top of the world at that moment which I haven't felt since then. I never go that amount of support no matter what we were doing. I mean when they welcomed us back to town. And we had a police escort down to the square there and in front of the courthouse there. We all got out of the bus and there was a parade and signs.
Martin: Honestly, I just got lucky with these kids. I mean that was the big part of it. We just got lucky and worked hard.
Now ten years later, the team will get together at the state tournament in Austin this weekend to be recognized by the UIL.
More memories to share at the place where their magical march to a state title ended.

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