Sports Spotlight, Brad Prigmore

You may remember Old High's Brad Prigmore on the tennis court back in the day.
A 2001 Wichita Falls High School grad, brad is now a father of two, and he's passing along his love for tennis to his daughters. And even to his wife!
And now, six-year-old Paris Prigmore is well on her way to winning more trophies than her dad...
Ruthie Polinsky has more on the Prigmores in tonight's sports spotlight...

Tennis has been a part of brad Prigmore's life since he can remember...Taking after his sister.

"She was a little bit older than I was, and a little bit stronger, so I was always a little kid running around while she played, hitting against any wall I could." Brad Prigmore Tennis Coach & Dad

At the age of twelve, Brad qualified for the orange bowl, featuring the top 64 tennis players in the world, went on to be ranked in top 25 of the united states, and number 1 in the state of Texas.

Brad played at Wichita Falls High School, and continued to play at the University of Oklahoma.
Now, brad wants to instill his love for tennis in others, by coaching high school kids, but also, his daughters.

"As a parent, I guess you really want to have some kind of legacy you pass on to your kid.  Tennis was always such a great influence on me, and kept me out of trouble, gave me work ethic. I had to set goals and accomplish them, and that's what I wanted for my daughter." Brad Prigmore

Six-year-old Paris Prigmore is accomplishing goals, alright. Most recently, she finished second at the eight and under texas little mo tournament featuring the best tennis players in the state of Texas.
Paris advanced to regionals and took home the same trophy her Dad took home many years ago.

"I just like running, I just like the game!" Paris Prigmore

"What I really wanted her to do at the beginning was have fun with it, and she was always around here throwing balls, kind of the same way I was, so it came naturally for her." Brad Prigmore

"it's just fun and I like spending time with my dad every day." Paris Prigmore

Paris and brad play tennis together for an hour every day.
But we can't leave out mom, who's role is just as important as dads.

"she does my hair, sometimes if we lose my tennis shoes and we can't find them she helps us...." Paris Prigmore

"mom is playing! We've been kind of doing it as a family, and that's what's fun." Brad Prigmore

"I thought I'd take a tennis PE Credit in college, because I was dating a tennis player, and I thought oh, how great it'll be we can go on tennis dates! And we went on our first tennis date and he asked if he could go play with the guys next door!" Melissa Tennis Mom, Wife & Hair Stylist

And now, four-year-old Piper Prigmore has taken her first lesson...

(What do you like about tennis?)

"I like tennis!"  Piper Prigmore

And big sister, Paris, is more than happy to help....

"when piper tries to get over the net, she kind of spins, well to get her to do it, sometimes we play patrol games and they pretend I'm the bad guy and I'm trying to steal the balls" Paris Prigmore

"she's great, she's kind of a natural athlete, I call her savage, because she's everywhere on the court, even at four years old she can cover it like a blanket." Brad Prigmore

"I want to beat Paris! With out you crying!" Piper

So for the Prigmores, tennis is more than just about being really good at tennis, it's about fun, and having fun with family.

"ssometimes we bring my grammy and gram gram!" Paris

With your sports spotlight,
Ruthie Polinsky, Texomas Fox

Paris competes in the little mo regional tournament at the end of may....
Brad is also sharing and teaching the game of tennis to other, as he's recently taken over the position of tennis coach at Notre Dame, where his sister played when she was in high school, and where Paris currently attends.
Happy birthday Paris, she turned 7 on Sunday!

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