Sports Spotlight: Leroy McIlhaney

- We shine our Sports Spotlight this week on a man who dedicates himself to Midwestern State athletics.
Leroy McIlhaney is a special part of the Mustangs and an unsung hero that hasn't let a disability stop him from serving M.S.U. When you go to any Midwestern State sporting event, you are more than likely going to see McIlhaney.
For more than a decade, Leroy McIlhaney has done a lot of the dirty work for the Mustangs.
Former M.S.U. assistant basketball coach Rob McIlhaney found out over time that he was related to Leroy.
Rob is very close to his cousin and what Leroy does for Midwestern.
Rob McIlhaney, Leroy's cousin:"I think Leroy epitomizes Midwestern State athletics. Midwestern is such a great place because of all of the great people. Starting with Doctor Rogers all the way down to the students. And Leroy is a great person. He has a servant's heart. He wants to help people. I thing the big thing that people don't see about him. You don't see all of the hard work he puts in."
That hard work includes some of the dirty work that many wouldn't do.
Leroy is doing this while dealing with a disability.
But when you see how hard he works and what he gives to M.S.U., you don't notice it.
Leroy McIlhaney:"I love helping with our girls and guys. I love working with the team and share with them."
Charlie Carr, MSU Athletic Director: "There is no one in this conference that doesn't know Leroy. He is pretty infamous. He has his own style. In his own way he is amazing."
Rich Renner, M.S.U. Assistant Football Coach:"Well I tell you Leroy has done an outstanding job with helping out with all of the sports especially football. He is our inspirational leader. He does a great job at getting the kids fired up and help the kids getting the tickets together for all of the home games and away games for me. He wears many hats."
Rob McIlhaney:"It is amazing just how much people think about him and what they think of him and include him. And so as much as he loves Midwestern, people have done and outstanding job of being his friend and being there for him to."

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